A Modern Guide to Personalizing the Patient Experience
Free eBook on how healthcare providers can prioritize patient experience to improve satisfaction.

In the world of smartphones and wearables, customers experience personalization at their fingertips. Seamless buyer journeys have built today’s customer expectations. With low tolerance for bad service, they expect shared decision-making and clear communication. 

Survey reveals that 88 percent of the patients would switch providers if dissatisfied with their care. Healthcare, a process-centric industry, is changing to accommodate these expectations. “Doctor knows the best” has to shift to a transparent decision-making process.

Giving patients the personalized experience they want improves satisfaction which in turn becomes a brand advantage for the provider. More engaged patients get a better quality of life through seamless treatment. Research shows that hospitals that provide superior customer experience generate 50 percent higher financial performance than average providers.

In this eBook you will learn:
  • Why personalize patient journeys
  • The pain-points of the patient experience
  • How to build a consistent experience
  • Helping a patient in recovery through constant contact
  • Improving survival rates in emergency cases
  • A holistic approach for chronic patients
  • How providers are implementing personal journey
  • The provider’s challenges
  • What the future of healthcare looks like